Simply Haiku believes the genres given to us by Japan have certain principles, commonalities, metric schemata, kigo usage, etc. that if not utilized, change the genres into something they are not. We respect tradition and change but won’t call, for instance, a 5 line free verse poem using metrics that deviate from S/L/S/L/L metrics and omit any form of aesthetics, Japanese or from one’s own culture, a tanka. Each of the genres: tanka, haiku, haiga, haibun, and renga, have distinct traits that define them as such. We feature interviews, essays, and articles by the world’s most prominent scholars and experts in the field to educate our readers. As in Japan, we must study, practice, and learn the basics before we can pioneer new sub-genres.'; var $MetaKeys = 'haiku, Haiku, tanka, Tanka, haiga, Haiga, haibun, Haibun, haiku journal, yugen, ma, wabi, sabi, short form poetry, Japanese poetry'; var $offline_message = 'This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon.'; } ?> Robert D. Wilson

Robert D. Wilson
Co-owner, co-publisher, and co-editor & chief


Information: Robert D. Wilson is Co-Owner, Co-Publisher and Co-Editor in Chief for Simply Haiku. He is the owner of the Simply Haiku on-line haiku yahoo workshop forum, and co-owner of Facebook's We Are All Japan group. A showcase of what will eventually be a depository of over 3 decades of poetry, haibun, free verse performance poems, and haiga art, called Lousy Mirror, can be viewed at http// Wilson is working on an e-textbook dealing with Haiku aesthetics, co-writing two books of poetry with two Japanese poets, is English Haiku Editor for Haiku Reality, and the author of several books he gives to the public free wanting his writings to be available to everyone, rich or poor. Svetlana Marisova called Wilson the alley cat of the haiku world. He lives with some of his family somewhere secluded in the Philippines.


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